CBD + Co. is a new CBD product company that produces and sells only pharmaceutical grade, top quality hemp derived CBD products. Our goal is to provide palatable, beneficial products in our quest for sustainable wellness for all!. We began operations in 2015 in Denver, Colorado. We produce some of the finest, purest, organic CBD honey on the face of the planet—Really!

We are dedicated to using the highest quality natural ingrediants to produce a product with a fast acting result and a brand you can have confidence in. We strive  to provide a versatile, bioavailable answer to anyone seeking a CBD solution.

CBD + Co. Drops use only the highest quality ingredients and state of the art processes

  • Our CBD is sourced from organic hemp and refined into a pure crystal isolate
  • CBD + Co. uses only lab certified 100% pure CBD isolate
  • We utilize local, unfiltered, organic honey from an award winning artesinal bee farm
  • We use water distilled and sourced from the finest Colorado mountain springs
  • The cluster bean root extract is American grown, sourced, and manufactured with the utmost care for the final product
  • The formulation and mixing process is proprietary to CBD + Co., allowing for a non-duplicatable product

By focusing this product on the customer buying our CBD honey, as a natural remedy, we have customized our products for maximum effect…

Benefits of our CBD isolate

  • Our water soluble, proprietary milled CBD Isolate is extremely absorbable with a quicker absorption rate for fast acting benefit
  • All of our CBD products carry a unique Metric ID – you are assured of quality and purity
  • State of the art labs and precisision instruments allow us to accurately dose to the milligram
  • Our CBD isolate is rich in non-psychoactive, non- psychedelic phytocannabinoids
  • Our CBD products come in easy to dose packaging allowing for versatility in delivery methods

Hemp CBD isolate vs. Hemp Oil

  • When you purchase 500 mg of hemp oil, only 25-50% of that 500mg is actually CBD
  • When you buy a pure 100% CBD isolate product, all 500mg of your product is CBD

This is of tremendous value to patients who depend on exact dosages and maximum potency

Why pharmaceutical grade?

Pharmaceutical grade ensures that when you take our CBD products, you are getting an accurate and consistent dose that can be measured and tracked by you and your healthcare provider . CBD + Co. uses only lab certified 100% pure CBD that we mill to the smallest particle achievable when we produce our water soluable isolate to assure optimal absorbtion.

Advantages of Rapid Absorption

What sets CBD + Co. apart from other pharmaceutical CBD companies, is a higher bioavailability of the CBD. Our bodies are mostly water, and oftentimes, compounds that have been purified and concentrated are not readily available to be absorbed by the body. CBD + Co. Honey Drops stand apart from other CBD isolate products by offering a water-soluble CBD isolate. Because it is fully soluble in water,  after first being milled to the smallest possible particle size, it will be readily absorbed into the bloodstream for a faster response, and a more complete absorption.

The smaller particles created by this milling process means dramatically better absorption. In many CBD consumer products, a good portion of the CBD is wasted because it can’t be absorbed by the body.  Plant cells vary in size from 10-100 micrometers and animal cells vary from 10-30 micrometers. In other words in their natural state the phytocannabinoid cells are larger than the cells in the human body—this creates a less that optimal situation for absorbtion.

Greater bioavailability means you use less of a given product for an even better result and CBD crosses the blood/brain barriers more efficiently.

Our  CBD products use CBD isolate that has been milled to dramatically reduce the size of the particles and this insures maximum absorbability. Our products have a higher degree of bioavailability .

Metric ID

Every bottle of our CBD honey has a metric ID. This means that we can guarantee the purity of all of our products. Our CBD is sourced all the way back to the organic field of hemp that it was derived from. That unique ID follows that hemp crop from harvest to extraction – we have the confidence of knowing the source for every CBD product that we sell.

Our Guarantee

Our products are 100% natural, pesticide free, non-GMO and gluten free. We also do not use or have any products in our facility containing soy, nuts or artificial flavoring, eliminating any chance of cross contamination.

About the Team

The CBD + Co. team is made up of wellness driven folks who came together seeking a way to bring a natural, reliable form of relief to anyone who might need it. We saw phytocannabidiols as a major opportunity to provide a truly needed service: Sustainable wellness for all. Our team prides itself on being accountable for what we create as well as holding our products to the highest standard. At the end of the day if we can provide one person with a sense of relief and comfort, we’ve succeeded.

We are always interested in your testimonials and feedback!

Please feel free to Contact Us and share your experience. Your insight helps us continue to evolve and create more amazing products

CBD + Co.

We are focused on creating products utilizing only the most quality ingredients. Our products are 100% natural, pesticide free, non-GMO and gluten free. We also do not use or have any products in our facility containing soy, nuts or artificial flavoring, eliminating any chance of cross contamination.