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I have joint pain and I've grown weary of the damage NSAIDS like Ibuprofen and Tylenol could be causing to my liver and kidneys. I started looking into alternatives and found CBD + Co. CBD + Co. was so kind and sent me a sample of their product to see if it would give me any relief. Sure enough, I noticed effects within 10 minutes. The swelling of my joints was alleviated and greatly reduced my joint pain! I'm so very thankful that I've found an organic/natural product to help with my joint pain. Thank you CBD + Co.!

Greg Warry

I am a 79 year old woman from the Chicago area and have had chronic back and knee issues for decades. Pain and stiffness have caused limited mobility for me on a daily basis. Having had years of treatments through medication, most of which have side effects (sleepiness and recurring pain upon awakening), I was introduced to the CBD + Co. product line. I contacted them and received a bottle of the Honey Drops. The most dramatic result was within the last week. My knees were stiff, hot and painful….within an hour of taking the CBD + Co. Honey Drops, I was completely pain free and moving easily as if I never had an issue. I’ve only had this product for about a month but I will be continuing to use it. No side effects, no drowsiness and I am completely alert. Beats taking pain killers.

Carole Cullotta

CBD + Co.

We are focused on creating products utilizing only the most quality ingredients. Our products are 100% natural, pesticide free, non-GMO and gluten free. We also do not use or have any products in our facility containing soy, nuts or artificial flavoring, eliminating any chance of cross contamination. Our products has been said to be great for inflammation, anxiety cure without medication,  and various pains. Learn more from our FAQ.

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